Due to the recent provincial announcement regarding a province-wide shutdown, all Municipal Arts + Culture facilities are closed and all programs cancelled until further notice. Stay connected with Arts + Culture on Facebook!

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Hometown Baby

Danielle Coleman

March 5 - April 11, 2021 @ARTspace PUBLIC Window Gallery

Using mixed media and digital painting approaches, Danielle explores the visual language of romance and heartache in her art practice. As an artist focused on the philosophy of love in academia, idealized romance within popular culture and personal experiences, Danielle will host a series of virtual date nights in relation to her installation. Danielle is looking forward to engaging with the community to further develop her practice, while exchanging juicy breakup stories and nostalgia for lost relationships! Check back to our social media every Tuesday in March for “Kiss and Tell: Virtual Studio Visit’s with Danielle Coleman”. 


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ARTspace is a community arts initiative of the Thames Art Gallery. Exhibitions and programs are generously supported by the Ontario Arts Council, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, ARTspace membership,  and corporate and individual sponsorships and donations. In 2019, a part of the new Arts & Culture division of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent which includes the Chatham Capitol Theatre, Kiwanis Theatre, CK Museum, Thames Art Gallery, Milner Heritage House,  Ridge House Museum and CK Tickets.

Tiny Love Letter Zine Workshop | Free

April 12 @ 7PMLive on Facebook

Create small love notes for lovers, friends and sweethearts by collaging pictures and texts of writings of sweet nothings, poems and doodles using materials you already have at home! Join Danielle and collage an entire zine or make a collage to contribute to a community zine!

please be advised ARTspace is closed until FURTHER NOTICE due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Check our Facebook for updates! For more information, please visit CK Public Health at www.ckpublichealth.com/covid19 ​


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Sally Joyce and Joe Peet

April 16 - May 2, 2021 @ARTspace PUBLIC Window Gallery

Each and everyone of us depends on the Earth for our LIFE SUPPORT

We are a part of and affected by the Earth, and the Earth is a part of us and affected by us.

We are made of the dance of the 5 elements. The FIRE of inspiration is in our hearts. The EARTH is grounding us in the present moment. METALS provide conductivity for our life force. WATER is the foundation of our blood, and WOOD offers the warmth and sustenance for our vitality. Every day that we are alive is an EARTH DAY.

Both Sally Joyce and Joe Peet stay closely connected to the Elements to find balance and support for their lives. This close connection sometimes whispers and sometimes shouts through their artwork.