Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent

Inspire/Breathe:  a new window installation

April 19 - June 2, 2018

Created by Students from Chatham Kent Secondary School

"Consumption is defined as the using up of a resource and also as a human wasting disease, especially pulmonary tuberculosis.  The analogy presented in this installation looks at the lungs of an individual person and the idea that the earth has lungs; it will also present the correlation of consumption of the person and consumption of the earth - a wasting disease of the planet, caused by us, we become the virus causing the disease.  When we think of the air that we breathe and the air that the earth both inspires and exhales we can see the direct link between the two concepts.  The analogy goes further into this concept by looking at the wasting disease of consumption and the current state of human existence and it’s over consumption of earth bound resources by including debris from everyday life.  As we over consume we congest and clog the ability of the earth to breathe and survive and of course this leads back to disease within our lungs that eventually drowns and suffocates the host.

Glimpses of healing will be shown in the dirt below the lungs that represents the diaphragm of the earth, the muscle that helps people to inspire air into lungs.  As our diaphragm contracts we bring air in and as the earth covers our garbage with soil it heals and begins to breathe again. Hope will be shown in the suspended egg, the ancient symbol of rebirth."

                                                                                       - CKSS Collective