We sipped!  We sketched!  We celebrated!

Lead by artist Jon Olbey  and Buxton Historians Shannon and Brian Prince, folks gathered at the  North Buxton Schoolhouse  on Friday February 16th and while sipping and sketching, learned about the history of not only the black community in Buxton, but a history that runs through our greater landscape like blood flows through our veins.

Grounded in a brief history of the Buxton Schoolhouse by Brian Prince, participants sat in desks and were lead by Olbey through a lesson in taking archival photographs and transforming them into cartoons - "cartoonifying" them, as Olbey suggested. 

"I found a great historic photo of my grandmother Olive Olbey (née Steele) from 1944. She was born and raised in North Buxton and was educated at the North Buxton school house.

I plan to instruct the group on how to "cartoonify" a person from a reference photo.

Before getting in to the main project I will do a little lesson on the history of Black representations in comics (by both Black and non-Black artists) and I will also discuss the contributions of different Black comic writers and artists."

                                                                                                                                           - Jon Olbey

Fueled by thoughtful catering from the William Street Cafe, Sons of Kent, and Early Acres Estate Winery, folks gathered, laughed, drew, and learned, celebrating the history of a lineage of inspired family and friends.

A lineage and a community that warrants celebration before and after February.

Afterall, Black History is every month.


Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent