Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent


Karen Dysarz 

Karen discovered her fascination with art through her family.  Karen spent her youth studying fine art under several artists and long afternoons at the DIA with her father.  She learned the tradition of rug hooking from her mother and felt it was a “strong expression of art in a decidedly feminist sense.”  Keeping with tradition Karen uses reclaimed wool textiles and washes, cut, dyes, and strips of fiber herself.  She feels that “there is a sense of life in these materials” and finds inspiration in each reclaimed piece.  Karen rarely pre-plans her textiles or sketches her designs.  Her use of design and colour are intuitive, organic and occasionally biographical.

Karen studied at the University of Windsor where she focused on psychology and attended fine arts courses independently.  She studied a wide range of fine arts including” sculpture, printmaking, drawing, batik, ikebana, and origami.