Candice Emery is a multi-media tactile design artist based in Chatham, Ontario. Emery’s work incorporates the visceral experience of seeing, feeling and experiencing. Her paintings and furniture are an eclectic assortment of abstract layered mediums of acrylic paint scraped, dripped and rubbed to a rich texture. Emery’s compelling works engage both viewers and users of her designs.

Candice Emery was born in LaSalle, Ontario. She is an autodidact artist working in the art industry of South-western Ontario since 2011. Emery has experimented with different mediums and techniques to challenge her art. By incorporating diverse styles of design, she finds her unique perspective is showcased.

Emery currently lives and works in Chatham, Ontario. She is an Exhibiting member of ART Space and exhibits pieces regularly in Chatham and Toronto, Canada.

Candice Emery

Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent

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