Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent


Bryan Halls was born in Woodstock, Ontario in 1978.  Halls predominately has worked with acrylic on canvas though has also worked in sculpture, stone, and clay in the past.  He was educated in high school at H.B. Beal in London, attending Beal Art, and in college at the Toronto School of Art where he took up painting and sculpture classes. As well he attended George Brown in Toronto for Jewellery art.

Halls  has volunteered as a teacher of art at Chatham Collegiate Institute in the spring of 1999 and had classes running at the Mental Health network of Chatham-Kent from 2012-2015.  Halls has shown work in many different group exhibition, and in Church Sanctuaries with in Ontario,  but most notably at the Thames Art Gallery in Chatham Ontario with his student from the Mental Health Network in an exhibition called Art with Bryan.

Bryan currently lives in Chatham, Ontario, Canada where he works as well takes classes, and workshops at the Thames Art Gallery whenever possible.  Such classes including encaustics, water colours, sculpture, pottery, print making, and drawing.  As well as taking classes at the Thames Art Gallery, Bryan has volunteered as a gallery attendant at the TAG since the winter of 2013.​​

"To some my images may seem dark, and other times uplifting, but in the end they make up my
beliefs which may seem perplexing to most but to me they are a soothing lullaby that helps me through
sanity within the modern world I live."

- Bryan Halls

2016   Stories from the New Testament                St. James Presbyterian Church     Chatham, ON
2017   Fates of the authors of the New Testament  Leamington Arts Center             Leamington, ON

2016   Impermanence                                                     ARTspace                              Chatham, ON
1998                                                                                       Ruth Anderson Gallery    London, ON
1998                                                                                       London New Art Show     London, ON
1998    TSA Christmas Show                                        Toronto School of Art       Toronto, ON
1999    TSA Spring Show                                               Toronto School of Art       Toronto, ON
1999    TSA Christmas Show                                        Toronto School of Art       Toronto, ON
2012    Mental Health Week Art Show                                                                        Chatham, ON 
12-13  Text Show                                                              ARTspace                              Chatham, ON
2013    Art space print show and exchange          ARTspace                               Chatham, ON
13-14                                                                                    Creative Spirits Art Center, Toronto, ON
2013    Chatham-Kent Time Raiser                                                                             Chatham, ON
2014    Breaking Barriers Exhibition                                                                           Chatham, ON
2014                                                                                       Creative Spirits Art Center, Toronto, ON
2014    Eye for Art                                                              Thames Art Gallery           Chatham, ON
14-15  Art with Bryan                                                      Thames Art Gallery           Chatham, ON
2015   Breaking Barriers Exhibition                                                                             Chatham, ON
2016   Breaking Barriers Exhibition                                                                             Chatham, ON

2014   St. James church sanctuary 14 stations                                                      Chatham, ON
2014   St James church sanctuary Reformation series                                       Chatham, ON
2015   St. Andrews Presbyterian sanctuary 14 stations                                      Norwood, ON
2015   Knox Presbyterian sanctuary 14 stations                                                    Havblock, ON
14 Scriptural Stations of the cross (14 paintings) St. James Presbyterian Church  Chatham, ON
John Knox at St. Johns Kirk Pirth  St James Presbyterian Church                                 Chatham, ON
The Miraculous Catch of Fish  First Presbyterian Church                                                   Chatham, ON

96-97   H.B. Beal, London, Ontario- Fine Art- diploma with OAC received
98-00   Toronto School of Art, Toronto, Ontario- Fine art
2001    University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario- Multi-cultural studies
02-03   George Brown, Toronto, Ontario- Jewelry Arts
2003    IFSTC, Toronto, Ontario- Basic Drywall – Certificate received
04-05   Knox Collage, Toronto, Ontario- Lay Education
2006    IFSTC, Toronto, Ontario- Advanced Drywall- Certificate received


13-present  Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, ON

2000     Subtractive Sculpture and Color and Composition, CCI
12-13   Art History, Mental Health Network
14-present   Art with Bryan: Mental Health Network

Bryan Halls