Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent


Meet Joe. 
Joe’s last name is Peet 
And he swims at the Blenheim Pool. 
He swims and he swims and he swims. 
Sometimes he does the front crawl. 
Sometimes he does the backstroke. 
Mostly, he moves. 
Freely and consciously through the water. 
If Joe lived underwater he would be a seahorse. 
And he’d play a saxophone. 
And he’d play jazz… 
And all the creatures in the sea would come to hear Joe play. 
They would smile. 
And Joe would smile. 
And he would play. 
And through Joe’s music all the dolphins and the crabs and the turtles 
And their friends would hear how Joe sees the world. 
They would dance to the rhythms of his intersecting perspectives 
They would glide on the textures of his tumbling melodies. 
They would move within his symphonies. 
And through Joe and his saxophone, the sea creatures would collide, forming a community.
Of intersectors 
United by a joy for life, and a love for change, surprise, rhythm and beat 
Open hearts and flexible minds, dissident symmetries, and studies of humanity 
Joe Peet 
A swimming seahorse 
Asking us all to centre ourselves around a concept of community 
That at its core seeks an intention toward the constant and consistent exploration of the human experience 
And the relationships that happen within. 
Sometimes he does the front crawl. 
Sometimes he does the backstroke. 
But Joe swims. 
And he swims and he swims and he swims. 
Lifting outside, projected, surfing on waves of interaction 
Getting us all happily wet with his take on particular moments 
Moments where he noticed something particular about the way he sees the world.

This is Joe’s ART.

By Mark Reinhart (for publication of Joe's Drawings)

Joe Peet