Connecting art and people in Chatham-Kent

Hey Chatham-Kent…COME CRAWL WITH US!

ARTspace and the Thames Art Gallery bring you their annual Summer ARTcrawl on Friday, July 20th, 2018! Join us downtown Chatham for an evening of art openings, casual wanderings, and small town charm.

5:00PM - 8:00PM 
A collection of businesses in downtown Chatham will be staying open and finding creative ways to add art to their shops. We will have a mapped guide of participating locations so that you can choose your own downtown adventure! Wander downtown in and out of shops, or jump on board a guided tour through an assemblage of new exhibitions. Keep your eyes peeled, there will be new things to see, food to taste, art to take in…and maybe you will make a new friend or two along the way.

Meet us at ARTspace for DJ-ed music and local art as we celebrate new work from local painter Tracy Bultje. Bultje's work celebrates colour and the vibrancy of life through large imagery of nature.

Join us at the Thames Art Gallery for the opening of a large group show contact landing(s). Inspired by contemporary land disputes that have taken place in and around the locality of Chatham-Kent, contact landing(s) considers the range of relations to place that can exist in any given region. While land disputes prompt us to reflect on the history of uneven land transactions in this country, they also bring to mind varied stories of arrival to this place and ways of community-building once here. Artists in this exhibition also explore other near and far-away places as complex sites of belonging and place-making.

In addition to finding a dynamic collection of art and artists at the gallery - you will find fresh food, refreshments, and delightful conversation. Cap the evening in Studio One for live DJ music, more food, more refreshments, and conversation.

Visit the Thames Art Gallery, ARTspace – and any participating location - to pick up a map and you and your friends can start plotting out your adventure for the evening! Here is a digital ARTcrawl Map of participants to date. Will continue to update with participating merchants. #CKARTcrawl #crawlwithus